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As the conference draws nearer partners are individually making preparations and working together to synchronize all efforts to ensure that they deliver a conference whose standards measure up to international standards. The 6th Annual Devolution Conference Steering committee on 13th February 2019 paid a courtesy call to the speaker of the Senate Rtd. Kenneth Lusaka and subsequently held the Steering meeting at the Senate of Kenya. The meeting which was co-chaired by the Vice- Chairman of the Council of Governors H.E. Mwangi Wa Iria and the Speaker of the Senate Rtd. Kenneth Lusaka sort out to review the progress made by the multi agency planning committee. While addressing the gathering Rtd Hon Lusaka reiterated the Senate’s commitment to the successful execution of the upcoming 6th Annual Devolution Conference. “I welcome you devolution family to Senate and look forward to successfully executing the 6th Devolution Conference as we have done time and time again” said Rtd Hon Lusaka in his opening remarks. “In the spirit of collaboration and coordination we decided to hold this weeks meeting here at the senate so that we can brief the speaker of the journey so far and work together in ensuring that the pending activities are completed in good time,” said H.E Mwangi Wa Iria The meeting reviewed the proposed program to ascertain that all relevant implementing partners of devolution in the country were part of the program to ensure the inclusivity of the conference. Office of the president representative Peter Wanjohi, commended the multi-agency planning committee’s efforts in producing an all- inclusive program tackling current issues in devolution. He gave input to the technical team, which was incorporated to the satisfaction and approval of the steering committee. After consultations, the meeting also approved the inclusion of a water and sanitation break out session and a National citizen perception survey on Devolution breakout session to address arising matters relating to water and public participation. On 6th February 2019, the steering committee embarked on a recce visit to Kirinyaga County to see first hand the progress made in preparation to host the annual event. The committee reported that Kirinyaga County is working tirelessly to ensure that they are adequately prepared to host the expected 6000 delegates including road expansions and street lighting. Also in attendance were Devolution implementing partners who are; Ministry of Devolution and ASALs (MODA), Government Reception Office (GRO), State functions and the County Assemblies Forum. Laikipia County Senator John Kinyua, Muranga County Senate Irungu Kangata, and nominated Senator Rose Nyamunga were also presented.

H.E Anne Waiguru, Governor Kirinyaga County while briefing the 6th Annual Devolution Conference steering Committee led by the Chairman of the Council of Governors (COG) H.E Governor Oparanya and H.E Mwangi Wa Iria Vice Chairman CoG gave her assurance of the Counties preparedness to host the conference. The County is working towards improving the infrastructure to ensure easy access to various venues around the conference. These includes tarmacking and grading of major roads as well as lighting the streets. She noted that various planning meetings had addressed the matter on how delegates will be catered for as well as security and sanitation measures. “We have held several meetings with representatives from the County, hoteliers from the County and the CoG team and our people have been sensitized on the standards of food and sanitation for the meeting.” said the Governor.
The meeting was also attended by Mr. Peter Kimotho Presidential Escort, Ms. Leah Kithe the County Police Kirinyaga, Mr. Samson Ojwang Kirinyaga County Commissioner, Members of Parliament from Kakamega County, the technical team for the Council of Governors and Kirinyaga County among others
Further while inspecting the venue, Prof. Mary Ndung’u, the Vice Chancellor Kirinyaga University assured the steering committee of their utmost support in making the facilities ready for use by the delegates. “Despite the school being in session, the University will ensure that all work seamlessly with minimum interruptions on either operations,” she noted.

24 days to the conference. Follow us on @kenyagovernors and Facebook/CouncilofGovernors-Kenya for more information on the interesting themed activities for the 6th Annual Devolution Conference.`

(No. 1) An Adventure Lover’s Thrill

Kirinyaga offers one of the most scenic vantage points from which to climb Mt. Kenya. Experienced mountaineers and hikers are both pleasantly surprised by what the little explored Kamweti route offers in terms of charm and challenge.
Located on the Southern slopes of Mount Kenya, the Kamweti route offers adventure lovers the possibility of challenging day hikes or a scenic start to even more challenging climbing expeditions up Mt. Kenya, Africa’s second highest peak. Climbing Mt. Kenya through Kamweti is often considered the perfect primer for those training to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.
For those more comfortable in water than dry land, try white water rafting, canoeing and zip lining across rapids at any one of the numerous campsites and resort hotels doting the banks of Sagana River as it rushes to join the mighty Tana River. Sagana River has one of the best natural canoe courses in the world with natural, fast rapids creating waves best used for wild water canoeing, free styling, canoe marathons and kayaking.
If water sports still do not offer you the thrill you seek, try bungee jumping with an elastic cord to dangle you from a height of 60m at the Rapids Camp in Sagana; bound to give you a major high.

(No.2) Make Memories For A Life-Time
Located right at the base of the Kamweti Forest station is Castle Forest Lodge which is also the starting point of the Kamweti hiking route. Built in 1910 as an exclusive, cozy retreat for the British Royals, the lodge of sorts has retained its rustic, rumbling charm over the past 108 years and remains one of Kenya’s Best Kept secret-hideaways. The Lodge can comfortably accommodate 40 guests and 100 campers and is fully equipped with tapped water and electricity. The Castle Forest Lodge has hiking trails and horse riding that offers great fun and adventure for families with children.
Kirinyaga also offers budget friendly weekend getaways for groups of young people, backpackers and families at any of the many campsites located along the Sagana River. As you camp, enjoy active days taking mountain bike rides then relax by a campfire and sundowner drink with friends as the sun sets over the Gaturi Hills.
(No. 3) A Breath-taking Romance for Nature Lovers
Enjoy nature’s selection of bird species found in this part of the country as you take a nature walk along Sagana trail, through mountain rainforests. Fishing enthusiasts can also enjoy tropical fishing at Thiba Fishing camp, Thiba Bridge or the Twin Falls on Karoti river. Love has been known to blossom as couples walk hand in hand across “God’s Bridge”, a mystical marvel that straddles River Nyamindi at Mururi. Lovebirds visiting this special spot often tattoo their names and declare their love for each other on the mystical rock and shale formations. Explore the MauMau caves and take a moment to marvel at the drama that unraveled here during the colonial era. Ndaraca ya Ngai or God’s Bridge and the MauMau caves are part of the natural attractions formed from Mount Kenya’s volcanic activity.
(No. 4) A Collector’s Treasure of Culture & History
For cultural tourists, Thingira Cultural Village is a must visit. The multicultural center that showcases song, dance, food and other cultural representations was founded by Leah Wanjiru, a young, lady in her 30s, from Kirinyaga County whose passion to promote culture and history led to the creation of this unique concept. Take guided tours through the life and culture of the Kikuyu people and get to sample traditional delicacies. History also lives on in sites such as the famous Samson’s Corner, and Castle Forest Lodge where royals have been privately hosted over the past 100 years.

(No.5) Take a Relaxing Break on your long Journey North
Kirinyaga is fast becoming the preferred pit-stop for those travelling on the A104 highway. At Makutano, one may choose to branch off the highway on to the Embu-Meru road and stop for a spot of refreshment and entertainment at the Nice Resort City in Mwea. Maguna’s Mall in Sagana is popular among locals as a place to stop and stock up on drinks and snacks as you journey on to Nyeri and Nanyuki. As you stop by Kirinyaga, give in to the temptation to make your stay longer by taking in the scenic Gaturi Hills, Kerengeti Falls and other vistas at easily accessible hotel resorts such as Havila and Therema. While there, stretch the kinks out of your body with a yoga session for the ultimate rest and relaxation.

The Vice Chairman Council of Governors H.E. Mwangi wa Iria on 28th January 2019 led plans in preparation for the 6th Annual Devolution Conference. The meeting was co- chaired by Eugene Wamalwa, the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Devolution and ASALs, Senate representative Senator John Kinyua and County Assemblies Forum, Secretary General Erick Mwangi. These are the representatives from the key institutions that have spearheaded the Conference annually.
During the meeting, the participants had an opportunity of delving into the details of the main Conference program to ensure that all key issues are captured. The meeting also adopted the proposal to have field visits in neighbouring counties to get a glimpse of how devolution has changed the face of counties in the neighbouring regions. It was also noted that Kirinyaga County, who are the host of the 6th Annual Devolution Conference will organise water rafting activities with the youth from the region to give participants an opportunity to experience the tourism cites in the County. It was also mentioned that there will be a Conference curtain raiser friendly match between the Council of Governors and the Cabinet, as well as CAF versus the Senate and the winners from the two teams then head to the finals.
The Conference program takes a sector approach, with key focus on the Big 4 Agenda. This will ensure representation from the Government, Private, Civil Society and the mwanachi. This year the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) has come on board to provide the statistics necessary to show the exact contribution of the counties in the various sectors within this devolution period.
It is also envisaged that the voice of the mwanachi will be amplified through support of the Civil Society just to hear first- hand if the intended plans are working or much more needs to be done to ensure the gains of devolution are felt all over.
One of the hottest discussions to follow will be the national discourse on constitutional amendments to strengthen devolution in the wake of calls for a referendum.

Kirinyaga County is one of the Counties that make up the Mt. Kenya East circuit in Central Kenya. It borders Machakos and Murang’a counties to the South and South West respectively, Embu County to the East and Nyeri to the West. As the smallest county in Mount Kenya region, Kirinyaga is home to a population of approximately 700,000 people who are pre-dominantly small-scale farmers.
Administratively, Kirinyaga District was carved out of the larger Embu district in 1963. This ultimately led to the creation of Kirinyaga County in 2013 under the devolved structure of governance. Since then, Kirinyaga has emerged out of the shadows of its larger neighbors and positioned itself for economic growth through investment in horticulture, cash-crop marketing of its tea and coffee produce and infrastructural improvements in flagship projects like Thiba Dam in Gichugu Sub-County which will expand the County’s rice growing capacity.
In April 2018, the County Assembly of Kirinyaga adopted the current development plans that earmark each sub-county for its investment potential according to the strategic value each presents. This is a great example of the gift Devolution presents as a Governance model. It gives each county the power to guide its own destiny according to its own God-Given-Grass-roots-Driven potential.
For Kirinyaga, Gichugu Sub-county is the proposed Resort City given its great tourism appeal as the Gateway to excursions on Mount Kenya through Kamweti Forest. Ndia Sub-county is the proposed Industrial agro-processing hub given the already vibrant horticultural sector present and the availability of land to develop an Industrial Park for light manufacturing at Thigirici, Sagana. Mwea the largest of the Sub-counties is best known for rice growing and as such enjoys booming business in its populous township of Wanguru. It is therefore poised to be the renewable-Green Energy epicenter of the county as towns and urban developments spring from the ever-expanding rice trade. Kerugoya is the health capital of the county as it houses the Kerugoya Sub-County Referral Hospital. Plans are already underway to upgrade the hospital into a Level 5 institution that will increase its bed capacity to 500 while providing state of the art diagnostic, preventive and curative health services to the Mt. Kenya region.
It is perhaps through healthcare that one truly appreciates how far Kirinyaga has come under the Devolution Dispensation. 54 years after it was built, the main referral hospital facility in Kerugoya was renovated for the very first time ever in 2017-2018. Built in 1964, The Kerugoya Sub-County Referral Hospital received its first ever face-lift in the form of a rehabilitated outpatient department that includes a modern ward, digitized patients records through a Health Information Management Systems (HMIS) and a Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan facility. The hospital upgrade also included an Eye Unit to serve locals who previously had to travel to Nyeri or Nairobi to see an Ophthalmologist. Through the County Government, residents now benefit from free eye cataract surgeries which are performed, and patients discharged within the same day.
In agriculture, Kirinyaga is known as the Food and Fruit Basket of the capital City Nairobi, producing rich harvests of mangoes, bananas, pawpaws, and avocadoes as well as a growing horticultural and fisheries industries that are an important contributor to Kenya’s food security. But it is Kirinyaga coffee that makes it a global destination of distinction.
Known for its rich fruity aroma and acidic wine like quality, Kirinyaga coffee has won several awards around the world. Baragwi and Kabare Farmers Co-operatives are currently ranked 4th and 25th among the World’s Finest Coffees while Guama Coffee has earned the rare honor of being the Best processed coffee in the World. Again,the benefits of devolution shine through agriculture in allowing the County to take up its own coffee promotion initiatives that earn Kirinyaga Coffee global acclaim and greater earning potential for local farmers of the cash crop. Kirinyaga is also famous for its rice. Grown in Mwea sub-county, the Irrigation Scheme is home to the flavorful Mwea Pishori Rice, that is a firm favorite for both local and regional markets.
It is thought that Kirinyaga’s rice and coffee benefits from the rich volcanic soils of Mt. Kenya that are fed by glacial rivers such as Nyamindi thus giving crop harvests signature flavors and aromas that are unique to Kirinyaga.
Beyond agriculture which is the mainstay of the local economy, Kirinyaga is diversifying its economy to embrace adventure tourism. Devolution makes it possible for counties to get creative in diversifying their local economic sub-sectors. Whereas tourism may not necessarily be a devolved function, nothing stops each county from exploiting its natural resources for the benefit of growing its own local economy and contributing to the growing success of the nation’s tourism sector. Through its tourism promotion efforts such as hosting the recent Jeans and Boots Country Music Festival last October that saw over 3000 people spend the weekend in the county, Kirinyaga is steadily positioning itself as the ideal weekend Getaway destination for domestic travel.
Kenya is one of Africa’s top tourism destinations internationally, and Kirinyaga adds exceptional value to the nation’s tourism offering. The high concentration of rivers within the county make it a preferred destination for watersports such as kayaking, canoeing, and white-water rafting. Further north, as you get closer to the Mountain, one finds unique geological formations such as God’s Bridge or Ndaraca ya Ngai where it is believed no man-made bridge can ever survive due to mystical forces of nature that knit thin, ledges of shale and rock formations into a natural bridge. To date, any attempt to construct a man-made bridge to cross the river has ended in futility.
The caves at Kadongu, Ndururumo and Ngurunga capture the colonial history of Kenya and tell of the chilling wars fought by the MauMau while the Castle Forest Lodge at Kamweti has been known to be a secluded Royal Retreat for the British Royal family from as far back as the 1900s.
From Kenya’s colonial history, that is carefully preserved in Kirinyaga, to present day celebration of the local cultures, you will experience how the past connects with the present through the Riagitugu Shrine that is still used by Kikuyu Elders for traditional ceremonies and the Thingira Cultural Village that showcases cultural representations of the Agikuyu such as dance, cuisine and curio.
With no shortage of affordable accommodation and easily accessible by road, Kirinyaga is just a short one and half hour’s drive from Nairobi making it the idyll weekend Getaway destination for City Dwellers and an ideal rest stop for travelers on the Great North Road.

Safaricom PLC is the platinum sponsor for the 6th Annual Devolution Conference to be held in Kirinyaga University in Kirinyaga County.
On 21st January 2019, H.E Wycliffe Oparanya, Chairman of the Council of Governors and H.E Mwangi wa Iria received a cheque from Dr. Rita Okuthe, Chief Enterprise, Business, Safaricom PLC after a Private Sector Roundtable meeting held earlier on that day. Also present was Hon. Sen. John Kinyua and Hon. Sen. Irungu Kang’ata representing the Senate. Speaking during the media brief, Dr. Rita started congratulated the incoming COG leadership for their election into the COG executive committee stating that the private sector looks forward to working with them during the 6th Annual Devolution Conference.
“For a company like ours whose main focus is technology, our partnership with the County Governments can play a big role in ensuring sustainable, productive, effective and efficient governments for results delivery. That is why we are honored to work together with the Council of Governors for the Devolution conference where we can have further discussions on the role the private sector can play in ensuring Devolution is a success”, Ms. Okuthe said.

H.E Mwangi Wa Iria reiterated that this year’s conference will not be about talks but will be a conference for Kenyans. “Devolution is a way of life that we must embrace. It has and will continue to improve people’s lives.” Said the New Council of Governors Vice Chairman.

This is the second year in a row Safaricom have taken up the platinum sponsorship with a tune of 1o Million Kenyan Shillings and will work closely to make the conference a success.

“The Devolution Conference will be an ideal forum for Development Partners and the Private Sector to scope for opportunities that will assist them achieve their programmatic, development and investment goals.” H.E Mwangi Wa Iria
The Vice Chair of the Council of Governors, H.E Mwangi Wa Iria, on 21st January 2019 led the resource mobilization sub-committee of the 6th Annual Devolution Conference in seeking partnerships and support for the upcoming conference from that will be held in March 2019 in Kirinyaga County the members of the Private Sector and Development partners.
Speaking during the meeting, he noted the 6th Annual Devolution Conference has unique structures and objectives that are aligned to the Big Four Agenda which define the priority of the Government of Kenya and offers immense opportunity for collaboration between the two levels of Government in accelerating service delivery, catalysing local economic growth and creating employment opportunities for women and youth in the counties.
He added that, the conference is a key milestone in the history of Devolution as counties are keen to measure the progress made so far in service delivery to citizens and establishing the basic infrastructure, institutions and systems for facilitating efficiency in the counties. “The Conference will not be a talk show, it’s about seeing measurable and tangible results of activities and projects happening in the counties.” He said.
In lieu of the importance and impact previous Devolution Conferences have had, he appealed to the Development Partners and the Private Sector to support this year’s Devolution Conference as the forum will be an ideal opportunity for partners to scope for opportunities that will assist them achieve their programmatic, development and investment goals.
The institutions were encouraged to interact with the sector leads to look at the areas of interest that their institutions would be keen in partnering in. Among the institutions that were present from the meeting, some were able to pledge support in the upcoming conference and the rest were encouraged to firm up their commitment as soon as possible as the conference dates were nearing.


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“Devolution is not about County Governments, it is about improving livelihoods of the people of Kenya.” H.E Mwangi Wa Iria – Vice Chairman, Council of Governors. The resource mobilization sub-committee led by H.E Mwangi Wa Iria, on 17th January held a Round Table meeting with Philanthropists and Civil Society Organizations to discuss partnership opportunities for the 6th Annual Devolution Conference that will be held on 4th – 8th March 2018 in Kirinyaga County and the approach that the conference will take.

In his opening remarks, the new Vice Chair of the Council of Governors, H.E Mwangi Wa Iria who takes over as the new co-chair for the Devolution Conference Steering Committee from H.E Anne Waiguru noted, “ The Conference brings together stakeholders from various spheres to discuss how the Big Four pillars can be implemented at the County level”. He emphasized on the relevance of the theme: Deliver, Transform, Measure. Remaining Accountable,” especially being one year after the Big 4 was introduced. He invites all the organizations to partner in the planning process for the success of the Conference.

Also in the meeting, Dr. Manu Chandaria, the Chairman of Chandaria Foundation cited that devolution should be a a solution to making lives better for the people of Kenya. “Devolution should be about giving, not taking. Giving better services to the Kenyans we serve, giving specialized attention in the various sectors we engage in and ensuring that the needy are attended to,” he stated. He added urging the organizations to look at how they put together their influence at the County Level. He also committed that his institution would offer support towards the success of the upcoming conference. Institutions in the meeting also had an opportunity to interact with the sector leads to look at the areas of interest that their institutions would be keen in partnering in.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018 07:14

Dev Con 2019 to take a sector approach

“Devolution Conference 2019 will not be business as usual, this will not be a talk shop but a meeting with tangibles on what each County Government is doing towards the fourteen devolved functions and especially in the Big Four Sectors.” Anne Waiguru
The Steering Committee of the Devolution Conference on Monday 10th December 2018 held a Development partners and private sector meeting to discuss partnership opportunities during the 6th Annual Devolution Conference that will be held in March 2018 in Kirinyaga County.
In her welcome remarks, the Vice Chair of the Council of Governors, Ms. Anne Waiguru who is equally the Chairperson for the Devolution Conference Steering Committee said, “In the spirit of consultation and collaboration, the Council of Governors together with the Senate, the Ministry of Devolution and ASALs, the County Assemblies forum and other stakeholders have come together again this year to plan for the 6th Annual Devolution Conference whose theme will be: Deliver, Transform, Measure. Remaining Accountable.” She continued, “DevCon 2019 will not be business as usual, this will not be a talk shop but a meeting with tangibles of what each county is doing with Inter County Agreement on trade. All Governors are expected to attend the Conference and speak on what they are doing in the four key sectors.” She added that, as a precursor to the event, there will also be a Children’s Conference, where children representatives from Primary, Secondary, ECDE and Special needs from all the counties will give voice to their expectations on the Big Four Agenda.
The conference’s discussions will revolve around the Big Four Agenda and this will give perspective to development partners the private sector who are keen on how they could work with County Governments on various projects and the interventions from Counties in the Health, Trade, Affordable Housing and Agriculture. It is also envisaged that the Conference will have discussions on policy matters that could strengthen the execution of the Big Four and devolution as a whole. She called upon the Private sector and Development Partners to select areas of interest and commit to support the Conference.
His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta, will be the Chief Guest and will officially open the Conference. As a key tradition, after every conference, a joint communique on action points and resolutions is developed and read to the delegates. Currently, the progress of implementation of this year’s conference resolutions is being tracked and the status of each action point will be communicated in the upcoming Conference.
This is the first time that the conference will be held in a ‘Rural County’ with Kirinyaga envisioned to be the most central of the Counties within the region. Thus, to top it up, there will be a water rafting event and a “Triple Power” Rice Race before the opening ceremony. More information on how to be part of this will be shared in due time.

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Click here to Read the comminique

On 3rd December 2019, H.E Waiguru, the Vice Chair at the Council of Governors and the Chairperson Devolution Conference planning Committee officially kicked off plans towards the devolution Conference.

While officiating the 3rd County Executive Committee Members Conference, the Vice Chair noted that the CEC’s Conference has been an important pillar of the Annual Devolution Conference since it is a precursor and all resolutions form part of the discussions therein.

“The next Annual Devolution Conference will be held in March 2019 in Kirinyaga County, I urge you to use this platform to ensure that your recommendations towards improving service delivery are incorporated,” she said. She equally urged the County officials to use the CEC’s conference and discuss topics that will steer robust discussions in the upcoming devolution conference. Further, she called upon collaboration and consultation among counties terming it as the secret for common people to achieve uncommon results.

H.E. Waiguru thereafter officially unveiled the devolution conference website being the first participant to register online. She called upon the private sector, academia, development partners and National government to join in the conversation.

The CEC’s Conference brings together all County Executive Committee Members, County Secretaries and County Attorneys to take stock of sector issues and present recommendations to the Annual Devolution Conference. The 6th Annual Devolution Conference will take a sector approach under the theme Deliver. Transform. Measure. “Remaining Accountable”. The sectors under focus in the Sixth Devolution Conference will be Health, Trade, Housing and Infrastructure and Agriculture.

Find the Communique from the CECM's Here


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